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Crossing Masai Country on the Way to Lake Magadi

For the day’s agenda, we headed south, through Masai country, to get to Lake Magadi. Now, Kenya is pretty hot already, but this ride was on another level. Maybe it was because we were in a car with no A/C. Or that rolling down the windows filled the car with dust. And the road conditions were challenging. It was paved, but there were so many potholes — some you couldn’t see until you got right up on them — made sure you didn’t drive too fast.

On the way we made a stop in Masai country. It is very unfortunate that photos cannot do justice for the view, the feeling of being there, looking out to this vast land.

Other than riding for hours in a mobile sauna, the ride was great. The landscape is barren, but maybe that’s what makes it hard to not watch as it passes by.

We passed by these small settlements dotting the area. All I could wondering was what do they do on a regular basis. We’d see one every now and again and nothing in between. And for hours, nothing more than these. Unless there was a major town center tucked away off the main road, which there wasn’t, it must be challenging getting back and forth to anywhere.

Throughout the entire trip were these mounds. They’re ant hills.

If there’s ever a traffic jam, this is the cause.

I mean, it really is a very uncomfortable ride. I can’t overstate how hot it was. And it was very dusty. But seeing this land, how its people live on it, how barren yet free it is, it makes the drive worth it.

Najwa and her cousin Riyanna riding in the trunk (boot) of the car.

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