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Day Trip to Lake Naivasha

If it were up to me, I would’ve stayed in Kitui for several days. Though one of the more remote places we visited, not much to to other than Nzambani Stone which I’ll probably not want to climb again, I like Kitui. It’s about as authentic as you can get when visiting Kenya where most people saunter out into the game reserves or lounge on the beaches of the coast.

But, Nduku’s family was intent on heading out to the Great Rift Valley, a quick day trip on the other side of the country. I was hoping to see the great migration, but maybe another time.


The ride up there was different from the drive to Kitui. Parallel to the highway was a steep drop into the valley where people lived. Amazing view.


When we got to Lake Naivasha, Nduku’s dad talk his way into letting us into one of the resorts. We weren’t planning on staying, but everything is gated and it was a long drive just to turn back.

A common theme everywhere I’ve been in Kenya has been monkeys. Monkeys are everywhere! And this place no different. Only they looked like huge skunks that walked on their hind legs.



Once you walked through the opulent restaurant, out to the back, towards Lake Naivasha, you see what makes these resorts different than most others I’ve been to. The wildlife aren’t way in the distance, caged behind a fence or little critters you find anywhere. As you walk towards the lake, you just hope the animals are peaceful.





The grounds were gorgeous. Other than the pellets of shit everywhere. I had to carry Najwa most of the way because she wouldn’t take a step, worried about stepping in shit. Literally. She would stand there as if she was stuck in quicksand.

We didn’t stay long. The road from Naivasha back to Nairobi can be, well, a little too memorable for those unlucky to get caught up by some not-so-friendly locals. But we lounged for a bit.









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