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Four Generations of Malombes, Comparing Photos from Then and Now

You know, when you blog about traveling, you do what you can to make it worth reading for anyone who, well, reads the blog. But when you’re traveling to visit family, there’s those inevitable photos of family that you really can’t make people appreciate the same way as those in the photos.

Yet, I post these photos anyway, mostly for posterity, and because one day Najwa and her cousins will be able to look at these photos and laugh at how small, how young and how silly they were. Speaking of photos, the lady dug up some old photos from way back in the day of her people.

Here’s Nduku’s great grandma [her dad’s grandma] with her [the great grandmother] granddaughters when they were itty bitty kids. Most of them are in the photos below all grown up.


Sitting is Nduku’s great grandmother with her grandchildren.

Below is a photo of Nduku’s parents on the left, with Nduku’s older sister, Kavutha next, with Nduku’s grandma [who you’ll see in photos below] holding Nduku and sitting next to Nduku’s uncle Sammy [also below].


The cat daddy and hot mama on the left are Nduku’s parents.

This photo is of Nduku’s grandpa [below] with the father of the Nduku’s friend, Maureen, who introduced us.


Nduku’s grandfather and Maureen’s dad.

Now, back to the present, here are Nduku’s grandparents and their great grandchildren, and grandchildren and children [technically, anyway]. Here are Nduku’s grandparents, the same as the ones in the photos above, with their grandchildren.


No matter what we did or said, Najwa was intent on making funny faces.





Nduku’s grandma, grandpa, dad and uncle Sammy.

Here are Nduku’s grandparents with her mom on the left and her aunts on the right, the same aunts from the first throwback photo at the top of this post.


Nduku’s mom and grandparents on the left and aunts.


Four generations of Malombes


Nduku’s grandparents


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