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Hanging Out at Leopard Beach Resort in Diani Beach

The routine when we visit Kenya is that the moment we land, we head out to the coast. We may get a day to get over the jet lag, but before we know it, we’re on the road headed towards the Indian Ocean. A common feature of traveling in Kenya is driving through these small villages where the locals make or grow products to sell to people passing through. And a common treat that travelers like are the grilled maize.

But it’s not like you have to find whoever is selling the maize. All you have to do is slow down just a little, of course the speed bumps make sure you do, and you’ll get swarmed by these merchants hocking their product.

I love these little stops we make on the road where the locals live.

This year our destination is Leopard Beach Resort & Spa. It’s located on the southern coast of Kenya at Diani Beach.

Najwa checking in to Leopard Beach Resort & Spa

Mutethya, Nzambi and mom.

Najwa and her cousins.
Nduku’s mom.

Leopard Beach Resort & Spa is one of Kenya’s top-rated resorts. So naturally, the resort grounds are pretty immaculate.

While we waited for the room, we were treated to sa special tropical drink that was prepared. I don’t really much about how it tasted. The heat was sticky and opporessive so all I wanted was a Mountain Dew. But eventually we made our way to our rooms.

Kenya has wildlife. This is known. Even on the coast many miles away from the game parks, there’s wildlife. And if you’re not careful, we’re told, this wildlife will go into your room and take liberty to your stuff.

We wanted to grab a bite to eat, but local style. So, we hopped into a tuk tuk and went to this place called Wa Carol’s Fast Foods. Small, cozy joint. About as local as you’re going to get. Nothing like the resort but the food was delicious.

The only issue I’ve ever had with eating at a local Kenya dive is the portions are pretty small. I know I’ve grown accustomed to America’s generous portions and hormone-fed animals that produce unnaturally large body parts. And maybe that’s why we in AMerica tend to be more overweight and obese than third world countries. But that didn’t help me feel less hungry.

When we got back we checked out the beach and oceanfront.

Najwa making sand angels.

Though it’s a beach, it didn’t seem like the type where you run out into the ocean. Not sure why not. Seemed the only people out there were either tanning, waiting on a tour boat, and just enjoying the view like us. Najwa wanted to jump in some water so we went back to one of the pools. They had a part that was for kids [or for short people?] so I didn’t have to hop in with her. Her cousins were there in case she needed help.

It was hot. For me anyway. And it was a lot of traveling and a lot of road time and a lot to take in. I was looking forward to dinner since lunch was more like an appetizer. Though it was late, I changed into some shorts. But when I got to where dinner was served, I was told that I couldn’t enter with my legs uncovered. I mean, at first I thought it was a joke, but they weren’t kidding. And if I didn’t want to trek back to the room to change, they had these wraps they give out. And I wasn’t the only one.

No shorts allowed at dinner. Don’t want to go back and change? No problem.

Overall, though, good food. Good times. Good day.

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