Spending Christmas in Kitui with Nduku’s Extended Family

We only spent the day in Kitui, taking off just before the sun started setting. In the distance, there’s this huge, prominent rock jutting out of the ground, dominating the landscape, called Nzambani Rock. But this isn’t any rock.

The locals tell a story about a young lady, named Nzambi, which walked around in the Kitui forests looking for firewood. Suddenly, she found an eye-catching small stone. It was so beautiful that she decides to pick it up and put it to her breast to keep it safe. As she continued to gather firewood, the rock began to grow – bigger and bigger – until it surrounded her and swallowed her completely. Thus, the rock was given the named Nzambani, to honor the young lady. Even today, the locals say that the stone is growing and if you walk towards the rock from a certain side, the rock looks like a woman’s breast.

Another legend is from the days when white missionaries came to the Kitui district. Supposedly, they were met by hostile locals, that didn’t want them to spread the word of Christ. One missionary was cornered by the Kamba warriors and they walked around the Nzambani Rock, looking to kill the missionary. The missionary prayed to God, and eventually stumbled upon some robes that were laying in a cave in the Rock. He put them on, and when the warriors caught up with him, they were shocked. To them, it looked like the missionary had turned into a woman – and they did not kill him. Thus – the legend says that if you walk around the stone seven times, you change sex.

Nzambani Rock

Nzambani Rock in Kitui, Kenya

Nzambani Rock


I always have to explain to Nduku that taking photos of a sunset never comes out like what our eyes can see without photographic equipment that I can’t afford. But, I did what I could.

Sunset in Kitui, Kenya

Sunset in Kitui, Kenya

Sunset in Kitui, Kenya




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