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Checking Out the Coral Reef Off Diani Beach On a Glass Boat

Off the coast of Kenya is a coral reef. You can’t tell from the beach, so after leaving Najwa with her cousins, we hopped on a glass boat and headed out for a closer view.

Nduku waiting for the boat.

The crew getting the boat as close to the shore as possible for those of us not dressed to be splashing in the ocean.

Leopard Beach Club Resort & Spa

We didn’t have to go far before the wildlife introduced itself. One of the crew donned snorkeling gear, flippers and dived in. He offered if we wanted to join him, assuring us it was safe as long as we didn’t step on the urchins that could kill us. We all passed.

He brought back some interesting animals. There were small schools of fish swimming just beneath the boat that we could watch through the glass. Yeah, the glass that seemed to be leaking. The glass I kept thinking was going to give way and we’d have to swim back to shore. Or maybe that was my imagination considering I can’t swim and there wasn’t a life jacket in sight and only one lifesaver. He did say the water wasn’t that deep and we could almost walk back, but what about those poisonous urchins!?

It’s understood that there’s no hunting of the animal off the coast in the reef area. It’s a tourist attraction and you don’t want to go out there and destroy what’s keeping you in a job. However, octopus seem to be a different story. It wasn’t big, but when I held it, it had a grip. That suction feeling on my arm was enough to tell me that this animal wasn’t happy with being pulled out from its home. But it got worse.

See, octopus is a delicacy. The crew pulled out a knife and gave it a quick slit. Ink was sprayed but soon fizzled along with the suctioning. They tossed it on the glass, inside the boat, unlike the other animals that they threw back in the ocean. This animal, was going to be someone’s dinner. Great trip for us; even better trip for the crew.

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