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The Grand Tour of Kenya’s Capital City — Nairobi

I can’t help it. I love the way mosques look, how they’re designed, how beautiful they are. The Jamia Mosque located downtown Nairobi is another piece of art and was on my list of places to visit when in Kenya.


Jamia Mosque on Banda Street downtown Nairobi, Kenya.

Jamia Mosque is one of Kenya’s most prominent religious structures, and the most important mosque in the country.Nairobi’s largest population pray during Friday and other times of prayer. It was founded and first built by Syed Maulana Abdullah Shah between the year 1902 and 1906. He was a very pious man and up to today he is remembered every year by Muslims.

Nairobi’s Jamia Mosque is a lovely building in typical Arabic Muslim style It retains a classic Arabic Muslim architectural style with extensive use of marble and inscriptions from the Quran, and the traditional row of shops down one side to provide rental income for its upkeep. It is recognizable by its 3 silver domes, and two twin minarets.





Also downtown is the Nairobi City Market. There’s a sign at the entrance [why I didn’t take a picture of it I’ll never know] warning that spitting is not allowed. The market has a lot of butchers and fresh cuts of almost any meat you can think of. Spitting is regarded as repugnant, and I agree spitting near raw meat that I might be eating for dinner should be banned.


Nairobi City Market




Central Park


Another side of the structure in Central Park


Central Park


Hindu Temple (Bus Station)


Also found at the KCC is a monument in memory of the individuals who died during the bomb blasts in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam Aug. 7, 1998. Terrorists detonated massive bombs at the American Embassies in both cities killing hundreds of people.





Another memorial for the Africans fallen during the World Wars fighting with the British. I learned later that Nduku’s grandfather fought with the British during the World Wars. I will be meeting him later.




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