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Who Knew That Kenya Had Such a Funky Jazz Scene!?

Whenever I travel, I’m drawn to the most out of the way adventure I can find. Visiting the sites seen on postcards is cool, I guess, but I like being surrounded by the local, in the locals’ environment, feel how they live everyday with or without the gawkers like me taking their picture.

Nduku, though, I guess wanted to make sure I see the other part of Kenya. The other side of Nairobi. I’ve seen the extreme poverty, drove through Kibera, counted more orphanages than car dealerships, traveled the dirt roads to nowhere, and so forth.

So, we headed out to the other side, to meet up with her friend [the epitome of an adventurist actually; I envy her travels] Vanya at a place called Slims.


My first thought was that I was actually under-dressed. In Kenya? Under-dressed? This obviously where the moneyed went to wind down. Slims would fit perfectly on U Street. Well, back when it was mostly black people coming out in their finest.

I’m not good at venue reviews. The place was nice. That’s what you need to know. But it’s not the restaurant itself that captured my attention. Or how finely dressed and manicured these Kenyans were. It wasn’t the cocktails that were made to perfection. All that was impressive, I wouldn’t be able to truly do it all justice, but one of Vanya’s people was part of the band performing. He played sax, and I wasn’t expecting to hear such a funky jazz band that I feel compelled to encourage everyone to go to Kenya just to hear them play.





More video from Jazz at Slim’s:

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