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First Moments Out on the Roads of Dubai

We finally headed out to explore the city. My goodness was I in for a big surprise. Expecting this exotic land tucked away in the corners of Arabia, I was waiting for the sounds, smells and sites of a foreign land. But I can’t explain how normal I felt. Not only because essentially the majority of the people are also foreigners, but America’s fingerprint was everywhere!

In America it seems like overnight that Spanish words showed up alongside English words on all the signs. In Dubai English words are paired up everywhere with Arabic words, even on their traffic signs.


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Enjoying the Grass in the Deserts of Dubai

When I finally woke up, not sure what time it was nor what time my body thought it was, I went to the bathroom and wasn’t sure if I was seeing double or if there really were two toilets. Or is that a knee-high sink? And what’s up with the shower head next to the other toilet?

Visiting an Arabic country has its small surprises. The extra toilet was for “cleaning” yourself thoroughly. As was the shower head when you had to number two. Hey, who can be mad at a culture that prizes cleanliness next to godliness?

One toilet is for relieving yourself; the other for cleansing yourself thoroughly

There’s nothing wrong with being extra thorough when cleaning yourself.


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