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Countries and State We’ve Visited

It’s always cool to get a visual of where you’ve been. Here’s an up-til-today map of the United States and the world of all the states and countries we’ve visited [as opposed to just drove through]. Not all of them we’ve both been to, but if one of us has been there, it’s on the map.

27 states (54%)

14 countries (6.22%)

I’ll update them as new states and countries are added; or when Nduku let’s me know I forgot one.

Nduku’s Trip to London, England

Whenever we go on a trip, I’m the designated photographer. Partly because I’ve done it all my life; partly because Nduku doesn’t really take a lot of photos. When her work sent her to London a for a week, though, I was impressed that she took more than five pictures!

I can’t remember where all these places are, what she told me about each of these photos, but here they are anyway.



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