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Elanaz Hotel Makes Turkey Visit Perfect

Elanaz Hotel Istanbul Turkey

I don’t know what it is about Turkey, but I already love it. Maybe it’s because I read the entire history of the Ottomans. Or because this tiny waterway was so sought after, empires went to war for it. Over and over. It has such a rich history, every time you read a new book, you learn something new.

The first thing that caught me off guard, just leaving the blazing hot sun near the equator of Kenya, was how cold Turkey was. For whatever reason, I thought it would be more mild, but it was freezing cold! First thing we bought in Turkey? Ear muffs!

We stayed at Elanaz Hotel. There are tons of these little boutique-y hotels where we were staying, walking distance from all the tourist attractions. All unique-looking, with names that weren’t Marriott or Hyatt, these multi-story yet impossibly thin looking buildings.



I’m not sure what the others were like, but I must say the staff at Elanaz were top shelf. And in case Turks don’t use that expression — the staff went above and beyond our expectations. From the moment we stepped foot through the door to when the cab came to take us away, they treated us like celebrities.

We showed up ridiculously earlier than expected. Our room wasn’t ready. While figuring out what to do, debating on taking another room they did have ready but not facing the side we wanted, the side facing the water, they turned the place upside down and got our room ready in record time. It was small, as I’m sure all of them are, but it was perfect for us, clean, and private, as in no one else on the floor where we were.

The breakfast was homemade. I don’t mean just homemade recipes; I mean I saw someone’s grandma walking the room to make sure we were all happy with her food. It was nothing like the “continental breakfast” our American chains serve. It was more like Sunday brunch on Mother’s Day.




The view from the room was cool.



Highly recommended. No wonder why Elanaz Hotel is highly rated in TripAdvisor and every other rating site for hotels in Turkey.

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