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Quick Walk Around the Block from the Hotel

There is no such place as a major city without a McDonald’s [well, except Nairobi]. And we Americans, even when we’re in foreign countries and are open to trying foreign foods and experiencing the foreign experience, well, we like McDonald’s.



Is trying the McTurco burger trying out new foods?

It’s always interesting to see what we consider cheap fast food in America treated differently in foreign countries [KFC delivers in Nairobi, Kenya]. If we had known that McDonald’s delivered, maybe we could’ve kept warm in our room.


Delivery guy preparing to deliver those McTurco burgers in Istanbul

While walking around we saw this guy with a few bunnies. Or rabbits. Or tavşan if you speak Turkish. Interesting. Of course Najwa wanted to pet it, but it moved so she was hesitant. To warm her up Nduku held it, pet it, then the guy who owned them had this idea of putting it on Nduku’s head.


That’s all it took. The tavşan didn’t bite, so Najwa wanted to touch it. So, well, the guy put it on Najwa’s head. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but Najwa was cool about it. Didn’t seem like the most fun way to enjoy a tavşan, but she didn’t freak out so all was good.


Najwa with a tavşan on her head.

Until the guy starting asking for money for letting us play with his tavşan. Maybe we should’ve known. Who stands around in the cold with a tavşan for the fun of it, right? I thought he was selling them. And considering it was obvious we were tourists [I’m sure the locals don’t put a tavşan on their head on their way to work], he was asking for tourist money. I felt duped, but Najwa enjoyed it so whatever.

Later, we stopped by a place to warm up. And grab a bite of real local food. I think he said it was lamb. Not much English in this place. But the lighting, the walls, the everything was so over-the-top, amazing for such a small place.

And though it was warmer than outside, it was still cold. Hence the heaters.



Here are some random photos taken during our first walk around the block in Istanbul. It was cold; just felt like reiterating that.






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