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Burj al Arab, Heritage Village, The Souks in Deira, Atlantis The Palm, Global Village — So Much To Do in One Day in Dubai

Heritage Village & Deira

On the way to Deira in search of gold, we stopped by Heritage Village for a bite. As usual the food was good. The only distracting things were these malnourished-looking cats that staring at me eating. I felt worse than when I walk past panhandlers in DC. These two persistent cats just wouldn’t take no for an answer. I eventually gave them some pieces of meat which they ravaged.

Heritage Village is an ode to the way things used to be before the skyscrapers buried the desert in asphalt, glass and steel. It has a nostalgic feel to it, though just across Dubai Creek you see modernity rising out the ground.

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We then headed across Dubai Creek to Diera, where the souks are selling anything you can imagine in the desert, and a ton more you couldn’t imagine. Gold is everywhere though.

World's Heaviest Gold Ring, Literally, in Dubai

World's Heaviest Gold Ring, Literally, in Dubai

The world’s heaviest gold ring, literally, is the Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba),
found in Diera, Dubai
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There’s really no one way to describe the way the souks feel, sound and smell. Pictures are just a split second captured in a 4D motion picture. Your ears hear hundreds of people speaking at once and can’t understand a word of it. You think you know what cardamon and paprika smell until your nose whiffs the real thing. The number of vendors selling gold is mind-boggling. How can anyone make a profit out there?

I pieced together some moving images anyway…

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