Just a Matter of Time Before Ebola Question Was Asked

It was a matter of time before someone asked if I was concerned about Ebola during our upcoming trip to Kenya. To think America has had more Ebola cases than not only Kenya, but nearly 50 other countries in Africa!

Kenya is more than 3,000 miles away from Liberia where the worst of Ebola has struck. For the record, Washington, DC is only 542 miles from Atlanta, GA, where Ebola patient Dr. Kent Brantly was being treated, yet no one in our nation’s capital seemed concerned about catching a case.

I get it though. Some people still have a hard time understanding that Africa is a continent and not all 1+ billion people live in the same city. It’s ignorance, yes, but I’ve been asked by many Africans from many different African countries why black people in America wear their pants around their knees. As if all 50 million of us wear our clothes all the same.

I’m just hoping that in the next few weeks before leaving for Kenya, I figure out a tactful answer to give to those who ask me about worrying about Ebola, while still making it clear that he/she just asked a question that reeks of ignorance.



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