Favorite Trips


The ladies and I took two weeks off during the holidays to visit Nduku’s family in Kenya. I got to visit Mombasa and Fort Jesus; several of the outlying cities like Kiambu, Wangige, Mlolongo and Kitui; Westlands and Kibera; but most of all, Nduku’s family.

Dubai, UAE

I always heard Dubai was a modern city in the middle of the desert. Everything was made out of money. The ladies and I went out there for a week and everything I heard was an understatement.

Grand Canyon

My dad took my to the Grand Canyon during a visit to Arizona. It’s a million times more impressive than any postcard can show.

Bucharest, Romania

Nduku’s job sent her to Bucharest, Romania, a country I knew next to nothing about. Najwa and I tagged along, and we were pleasantly surprised with this Eastern European former Soviet Bloc country.

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