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T Minus 10 Days Until We Land in Kenya!

KenyaIn T minus 10 days, the ladies and I will be landing in the beautiful country of Kenya! Nduku will be going home for the first ime since Najwa was born, meaning Najwa will be meeting her maternal grandparents for the first time and I, well, I’m actually speechless.

I have a list of hundreds of places to go, things to do and people to see [Nduku has a large family!]. But if all we did was hangout locally in the Kenyan summer heat, I won’t be disappointed. Najwa meeting her Kenyan family is the priority and entire purpose of the trip.

We’ll be in Kenya for two weeks, leaving next weekend and coming back just before the new year. We got our passports ready, new luggage, money saved, trip to Mombasa booked and I sent an email to Carolina for Kibera to schedule a visit to the clinic in Kibera.

I ordered a used Canon DSLR and 50mm 1.8 Canon lens to record every single moment from here to there. The goal is to blog while I’m there, while the sights, sounds and smells are still fresh in my mind. I think I still have about a hundred photos with stories from the Romania trip I still need to blog about. And another hundred from the Dubai trip.

This trip, though, should get its own blog considering how much content I’ll be shooting, how many people I’ll be meeting, their stories, their lives which they’ll be welcoming me into and of course all the unexpected things a two-year-old does that makes any trip more than memorable.