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Taking a Morning Stroll in New York

Statue of Peter Stuyvesant in New YorkWhenever I’m in New York, I feel compelled to run around the city, without a map, snapping pictures of whatever gets in my way. Everywhere you look, there’s a photo op. From the architecture and monuments, landmarks and historical buildings to the local art, the neighborhood hangouts and just about everything else in between.

During our most recent trip to New York, we stayed at Hotel 17 near Stuyvesant Square. One morning, while everyone slept, I snuck out with the digital camera my homeboy Chad McKelvey loaned me to capture as much of the neighborhood as I could in a couple of hours.

Stuyvesant Square

Around the corner from Hotel 17 [where we were staying for the weekend] is Stuyvesant Square. It was still early when I got out there, so other than an occasional dog walker, I had the park to myself.

It’s named after Peter Stuyvesant who owned the land back in the 1800s. In 1836 his great-great-grandson, also named Peter, sold four of the acres to the City of New York as a public park originally to be called Holland Park. It was sold for a token $5. Add a bunch of zeros and you might be able to buy some property there today!