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Visiting Family Then Hitting the Clubs in Kitui Kenya

As we always do when we go to Kenya, Christmas is all about visiting the family in Kitui. So we all hopped in the cars and headed out. The ride there is always scenic. The route is very green carrying us through Machakos, crossing over a plateau with some spectacular views, and into what has been called Kitui County since 2013...

Standing Atop The World in Kitui County — Nzambani Stone

Kitui County isn’t quite a place you’d add to your bucket list. It’s wedged between the Kenyan coast — with its destination sites such as Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi and Watamu — and the natural wonder of the Great Rift Valley and its wildlife and history. North is Mt. Kenya and south is Mt. Kilimanjaro. Or maybe...