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Things To Do In Kenya In Only Two Weeks

As I go from one website to another looking at all the things to do in Kenya, I’m developing analysis paralysis. There’s simply way too many things to do and even two weeks isn’t going to be enough. Especially considering I want to make sure to spend as much time with Nduku’s family as possible not knowing when will be the next time we’ll meet.

The most important goal is for Najwa to meet her family in Kenya. They’ve seen photos, videos and heard stories, but I’m not sure if they know what they’re getting themselves into. Then again, Nduku was their child and I know she wasn’t an easy one!

But in between the family time, I’m hoping to see as much of Kenya as humanly possible. Some of what I want to do I know isn’t going to happen [Turkana anyone?], but there’s still going to be too many wants to fit in the two weeks. Here are just a handful in Nairobi with more things to do coming.