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Car Wash in Kenya

Kenyan Version of a Car Wash

Because a lot [if not most] of the roads outside of Nairobi are dirt roads, even a short burst of rain can be devastating. While in Kitui it rained a little, but enough to turn the roads into pure 100% Kenyan mud. The car we were riding in was caked in mud. The morning after we returned, mzee and I took it to the car wash. But in Kenya a...

First Stops In Kenya: Mlolongo, Kiambu and Wangige

I was so excited to finally be in Africa, to be in Kenya and to meet Nduku’s parents that I couldn’t sleep. Well, maybe if I put my head down, but I was afraid I’d wake up when the city was shutting down. Not wanting to miss a moment, I rolled out as soon as we got in with Nduku’s dad. Our first stop was in town...