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Checking Out the Coral Reef Off Diani Beach On a Glass Boat

Off the coast of Kenya is a coral reef. You can’t tell from the beach, so after leaving Najwa with her cousins, we hopped on a glass boat and headed out for a closer view. Nduku waiting for the boat. The crew getting the boat as close to the shore as possible for those of us not dressed to be splashing in the ocean. Leopard Beach...

Our First Full Day In Mombasa — Old Town and Fort Jesus

Never in my life did I think I’d be at a beach during the holidays. But since Kenya straddles the equator, winter in America is summer in Kenya. Instead of near freezing temperatures, we were being scorched in 90 degree heat with enough humidity to make showering moot once you stepped out. Severin Sea Lodge, the resort where we...

Mombasa, Kenya

Reaching Mombasa and Checking into Severin Sea Lodge

Just as we made it to the outskirts of Mombasa, the road got really bad. Actually, the road was bad all the way to Mombasa. When we got there, it got worse. I mean, it was like riding on a rumble strip for about a mile. The traffic is impossible to explain. There were so many vehicles trying to pass each other that we got bottle-necked...