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Standing Atop The World in Kitui County — Nzambani Stone

Sign to Nzambani Rock in Kitui, Kenya

Kitui County isn’t quite a place you’d add to your bucket list. It’s wedged between the Kenyan coast — with its destination sites such as Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi and Watamu — and the natural wonder of the Great Rift Valley and its wildlife and history. North is Mt. Kenya and south is Mt. Kilimanjaro. Or maybe you’d visit Zanzibar just across the border in Tanzania. Or head across the northern border to Ethiopia.

But, if you do find yourself in Kitui, it does have at least one landmark. Perhaps every remote location in the world has some unique land formation that looks like every other “unique” land formation. Nzambani Stone [or rock] may just be a huge piece of earth jutting out of the ground like a zit on the face of Mother Earth, but have you ever heard a story like this. more…

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Must See While In Kitui, Kenya: Nzambani Stone

Nzambani Stone in Kitui, Kenya

Last visit to Kambaland visiting the lady’s family in Kitui, we saw it but didn’t go visit it. This time around, though, I’m looking forward to visiting the famous Nzambani Stone — the rock that turns men into girls.