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Mapping Our Walking Tour of Manhattan

The lady and I were in New York this weekend, visiting Ingrid, one of Nduku’s friends. We were fortunate to stay at Ingrid’s Bed & Breakfast in Brooklyn — a pleasant surprise since I thought we were sleeping on the sofa — staying in the “Purple Room.”

Since Najwa was back in DC at a going away party for her buddy DJ, Nduku and I had a chance to do some walking. I’m walk we did!

We started in Brooklyn, walking a couple of miles from a Bed & Breakfast we were staying, down Broadway in Brooklyn, to Myrtle Avenue subway station. I couldn’t convince Nduku to walk all the way to Manhattan which was only another five miles.

What I couldn’t include in the route is all the walking we did at the 9/11 Memorial, in and out of stores, the backtracking because of the crowds, the number of times we turned around on a street because we saw something more interesting on another street, the walking in and out of the subway system going down one set of steps to find out we were on the wrong side so we had to go to the other side [MTA needs elevators!] and so on and so forth.

We probably did more than 10 miles, all in one day, all possible because Najwa was at a going away party back in Washington, DC.


Christmas in New York

What better to do than a day trip to New York?