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Hanging Around Embakasi, Mlolongo, Nairobi, and Trying Out Naked Pizza

After returning from the coast and a day before heading out to Kitui, we had a day to just improvise. There were some errands needing to be run, but I just go with the flow when the Malombe sisters head out to shopping centers.

We stopped by a shopping center in Embakasi, a division of Nairobi on the east side. Kenya’s main airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, opened in 1958 and was known then as Embakasi Airport. The lady was explaining to me how much more developed it is now than when she was a kid living in the area. What stood out most to me, though, were how many people just hung their clothes on the balcony to dry. Nothing wrong with it; actually, I found it quite fascinating.

Clotheslines in Embakasi more…

Touring the Ruins of Gedi

Though we were staying in a paradise, we had to get out and explore the surrounding area. And just around the corner was what was left of a Swahili town called the Ruins of Gedi.

Osama and David more…

With Resort in Rear View, We Headed Out to Watamu and Malindi

We ventured out of the resort to get a feel of the local scene. On the way out we made a stop to get some drinks when we heard dancing, singing and music behind Neema Shop. It was a community meeting with some of the women performing a traditional dance.


Low Tide at Temple Point Resort’s Private Beach


Pili explained to us that the Mida Creek is at low tide around 11:00 am, so first thing in the morning, after breakfast at least, we headed out to the beach. In the evening during high tide, the water comes all the way up the beach, creating a little private area with crystal clear waters and white sands. At 11:00 am with the tide receded, you can walk out pretty far where the water was, all the way around the rocks, through the sea grass and plants, looking for wildlife.


Spending a Night at Papillon Garden Bar Villa in Bamburi, Kenya

As soon as we landed after a 17 hours of transit, we hit the road again for the coast. It’s about an 8 hour drive [with stops] where half the roads smooth before you get to the parts that looked like IEDs went off on them. The trip is pretty uneventful. You may see an elephant or some zebras along the way, but it’s just driving through the countryside of Kenya [300 Miles of Kenya’s Countryside from Nairobi to Mombasa (2012)].


Heading Back to Kenya on Turkish Airlines

So the journey to Kenya begins again. And like most trips, there’s a lot of hurry up and waiting.

Najwa at the airport

Najwa was upgraded to having her own luggage.

Najwa Walking


Cousins Blowing, Popping Bubbles

Sometimes when you get a lot of little ones together in one place, it’s hard to find something they’ll all like to do. But one thing seems to always works. Bubbles.


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Flight Safety Brought To You By The Hobbits on Air New Zealand

Usually when airlines are going over the flight safety demonstrations, I ignore them. Partly because I’ve heard it all before; partly because if the plane is going down, I don’t have the confidence that I’ll remember anything more than the seat could be used as a flotation device. And that’s because of the classic International Lover by Prince.

When a co-worker and I recently went to Utah on a recruiting trip, Delta’s flight safety video added enough humor that I watched some of it. It was a refresher to put on my oxygen mask first before anyone else’s, though I doubt anyone would be as calm as the people in the video if it truly was an emergency.

But then Air New Zealand, taking advantage of The Hobbit being filmed there, came out with this:


Bucharest Traffic is Organized Chaos! [Video]

At the intersection where Mânăstirea Caşin faces in Bucharest, Romania, the traffic is absolutely chaotic. Najwa and I were crossing the street during a morning saunter in the neighborhood, and either I’m blind or there simply were no traffic lights. There were walk/don’t walk signals, but what’s the point if there was nothing telling the drivers to stop?


Our Journey to the UAE [20-Minute Video]

A short [20 minutes] video of our journey to the UAE.