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Back to The Big Apple, The Empire State — New York, New York

This past weekend the fellas and I rolled up to New York and just kicked it. Eric, Mike and I caught the express bus [we didn’t do the Chinatown buses; we rode the new “high end” bus out of Dupont Circle], caught up with Chad and Mark and did New York.

We winged it the entire time, going up there with no agenda. What happens happens. The highlight was the live band at Groove in The Village. Especially the rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain. And they had a singer [didn’t catch her name] who ripped the mic!

Afterwards, we mainly hung out at Pinch meeting some interesting people. One was Rick, a former NYPD Lt who now is a security consultant. He explained to us why our Timberlands were keeping us out of nearly every club and it’s pretty useless trying to get in anyway with five guys rolling as a crew.

No worries. We made the most of it. We eventually made it in at sunrise to Chad’s pad in Yonkers.

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