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Arriving at the Belvedere Beach Resort Club in Virginia Beach

With the summer slowly coming to a close, the ladies and I finally made our near annual trip to the beach. This year we chose Virginia Beach and decided to make it more than just a day trip. Initially we were going to pick a cheap(er) hotel further inland, perhaps a Holiday Inn or something. But the thought of having to trek it back and forth from the beach, pay for parking, riding back to the hotel with sand in our butts — we picked a place on the beach.

We left early in the day, before the afternoon rush hour, thinking we would make good time. Somehow, thousands of people thought the same thing and after crawling with traffic our of the extended DC area, we finally made it to Virginia Beach after the sun set.

Najwa, thinking the beach was around the corner, was harassing us, tripping about the sun going down, not leaving us enough time to play on the beach. As the the sky started to darken at dusk, she even told us to turn around because we were taking too long.

The Belvedere - Virginia Beach, VA

The Belvedere - Virginia Beach, VA

Najwa at The Belvedere - Virginia Beach, VA

Najwa in the lobby of The Belvedere.

Nevertheless, we made it. In the lobby area there were all these pieces with 1969-2015 written on them. I asked if every year they just update the ending year, which made no sense to me, but was told this is their last year. They’re tearing the place down and building a new hotel, a name brand, same owners as franchisees though. I might get a mug.

After unloading our stuff, we headed out before everything closed for the night. There’s just something about walking along the beach, the ocean waves crashing, late at night with a slight breeze nudging you along.



The view from our room.

We grabbed a bite to eat at Tortugas Cafe & Tiki Bar. Here’s where I’m supposed to toss them under the bus for some pretty sh!tty service from having to three times grab a waitress’ attention for menus and to take out order, the indifferent attention span at our table though they could be seen chatting it up with others, and the “accidentally” giving us sour cream with our chicken tenders instead of ranch, acting like, “oops, it happens.”

Najwa and Nduku at Tortuge Cafe and Tiki Bar in Virginia Beach, VA

But whatever. Najwa had a good time. The food was decent. There was a performer doing covers, and it always helps to cover a Prince song.

Dinner at Tortuga Cafe & Tiki Bar with Prince’s Purple Rain being performed in the background.

We walked out to the beach for a moment as well. On the sand. When it’s pitch black at night, you can’t tell where the ocean ends and the sky begins. You just see these crests come out of nowhere crashing on the shore. But it was getting late, Najwa telling us it was time for bed, so we headed back for the night and some much needed rest.




The boardwalk


Neptune King Statue

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