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Spending Veterans Day in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Visiting Grandma

For the ladies it was a three day weekend for Veterans Day. My company was open for business, but I had some PTO so off to Fayetteville, North Carolina, to see grandma we went.

Fayetteville isn’t one of those places I like to go back to. Though I spent nearly my entire wonder years there [minus three and a half glorious years in Bremerhaven, Germany], there isn’t much to do. More like — there’s nothing to do. Most of my people don’t live there anymore. The Walmart off Yadkin Road is still the place to go any day of the week.

But, I didn’t know my grandparents growing up [literally none of them], so I want to make sure Najwa knows hers. We make a trip to Kenya every other year so she meets her maternal grandparents [and grandparents!]. And my dad comes to visit every summer. So, for grandma, it’s off to Fayetteville we go.

Najwa and her grandma.

And it’s always a huge joy for me to see the two of them together.

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