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Spending the Day in the Virginia Beach Sand and Sun

Fortunately all the rooms at the Belvedere were ocean-facing. Not only for the view of the beach and ocean but the sunrise.




We may be on vacation, but Nduku doesn’t play. Just as the sun was clawing its way out of the ocean, she put on her running shoes and went for a jog. From one end of the three mile boardwalk to the other end and three miles back. Who does that!?

Meanwhile, Najwa and I took longer to rise and shine.

Dead sleep


Eventually, though, we dragged ourselves out the bed one Nduku got back. Najwa isn’t as bad as I ma in getting out the bed, especially when you hand her the Kindle.


Nduku after her morning run amazed that we were still in the bed.


Najwa on the Kindle, probably still half-sleep.


Najwa seeing how crowded the beach is.


Najwa got dressed before me. I would’ve been quicker if Najwa wasn’t using the ironing board to practice her surfing.

Najwa Surfing


Najwa on the elevator watching the numbers go down, ready for the beach.


We grabbed breakfast at this restaurant called Nautilus then went into a few shops to get souvenirs and some beach gear. Considering I can’t swim and the ocean can be an unpredictable environment, especially with an unpredictable almost-five-year-old, we got Najwa a swimming vest.

While in the store, Najwa showed off a few of her moves.

We spent the first part of the day on the beach. It took Najwa a moment to get used to the cold water, the waves rolling in either gently or violently, a few times knocking her over, a few tears shed from salt in her mouth and nose and eyes when she forgot to put the googles back on, but it was a good day.



Some guy digs a huge hole for his kids. Najwa figures it’s for the public.


We spent several hours on the beach, though pleasant in the mid-80s, the sun was draining. That and fighting the waves and keeping Najwa standing upright. We headed out and had lunch at Murphy’s, an Irish pub. Najwa and I loaded up on carbs; Nduku settled for fish.


We drove to Norfolk afterwards, even after I explained to Nduku that it’ll look like Anytown, USA. There were a lot more higher end stores than I was expecting, but still a lot of residential, strip malls and two tall buildings “downtown.”

When we got back to the hotel, the ladies were out. I took a moment to stroll down the boardwalk to check out Neptune Park and the massive statue that everyone associates with the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

King Neptune Statue, Virginia Beach

King Neptune Statue, Virginia Beach

King Neptune Statue, Virginia Beach

King Neptune Statue, Virginia Beach

To end the night, we went out for pizza. There are a ton of pizza joints, but we picked the closest one to our hotel — Northend Pizza. Eh. Not the best [I’m being nice], but it did its job. To kill time waiting for our food, Najwa made this video that we’ll probably be the only ones who’ll watch until the end.

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